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Sergeantsville Volunteer Fire Company Online Application Instructions & Checklist

So, you’ve checked out our recruitment site (, been put in touch with a member through the ‘join us’ tab of that site, and decided you’d like to submit an application for membership? Awesome! Please read below to find out more about our application process.

Applications are read at the first general membership meeting following submission (we meet the first Thursday of each month). For applicants who advance past this initial stage, the fire company will proceed with the necessary checks (contact references, background check, etc.) – a process which generally takes about thirty days. Following the completion of these checks, the prospective member’s application will be voted on at the next monthly meeting and a membership determination will be made and communicated to the applicant.

Feel free to reach out to us for a traditional application.

Follow the following steps for an online application:

  • SVFC Membership Application (submitted online)
    • Note, with an online application, SVFC will contact the applicant to gather any personally identifiable information not included in the online form
  • SVFC Release Authorization Form (scanned and emailed to or submitted in person.) If scanned and emailed, the witness portion can be completed by a non-fire company member, but they must also print their name.
  • SVFC Physical Test Record (completed by a physician and emailed to the above address or submitted in person)
    • NOTE: For prospective members wishing to join the relief association, there is an additional physical form which must be completed for that application. Only an original state form will be accepted. Please coordinate with SVFC to obtain this form so you can have it completed by your physician at the same time as the SVFC Physical.
  • To accelerate the application process, prospective members are asked to have their references proactively reach out via email to with their contact information (name, phone, address), time that they’ve known the applicant, and a response to “is there any reason why the applicant should not be able to perform the duties of a firefighter?”
  • Call (609) 397-3369 ext. 803 or email with any questions.



Thank you for your interest in the Sergeantsville Volunteer Fire Company - we look forward to having you on the team!

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