Apparatus - Retired

Historical Apparatus of the Sergeantsville Volunteer Fire Company

Unk YearPlymouth Pickup Truck
Unk YearChevrolet Pickup Truck
1953GMC Pumper
1936Dodge Service Truck
1932Ford Tanker
Unk YearUnknown Make Brush Truck
1963Ford Tanker
1966Ford/Bruco Service Truck
Unk YearInternational Canteen Truck
1973Ford/Hahn Pumper
Unk YearGenerator Trailer
1979Dodge Brush Truck
1986Ford/Pirsch Pumper
1989Mack/Saulsbury Tanker
1993Wells Fargo Trailer
1997KME Pumper
2001Ford Brush/Utility Truck
1993Jeep Chief's Car
2007Ringo Utility Trailer
1999Atlas Copco Generator Trailer
2008KME Rescue Engine
2003Dodge Chief's Car
2012International/Pierce Tanker
2012Chevrolet Tahoe Chief's Vehicle
2018Ford Brush Truck
2018Pierce 4x4 Engine
2016Ram 1500 Pickup Truck
2011Ford Crown Vic Deputy Chief Car

First Pumper

1953 GMC / Built by members of the fire company

47-61 / Engine 47

1997 KME Engine / 1200gal tank / 1250gpm pump

Sold in 2018 to the Bullskin Township Fire Company, Westmorland County PA

47-71 / Tender 47

1989 Mack Saulsbury Tanker / 2500gal tank / 1000gpm pump

Sold in 2011 to the Tuckahoe Fire Company, Northumberland County PA



1986 Ford Pirsch Pumper / 500gal tank / 750gpm pump

Sold in 2007 to a private collector in Oregon



1979 Dodge Brush Truck

Sold in 2002



1993 Jeep Cherokee Chief's Car

Formerly a Delaware Twp Police Car

Fire Company's First Chief's Car

Sold at Township Auction


Unit 241 / 47-61

1972 Ford Hahn Pumper



19?? Ford Amthors Tanker


47-81 / Utility 47

2001 Ford F350 / Reading

Sold in 2019 to the Flemington Fire Department, Flemington NJ

6 - UTILITY 47


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